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Welcome To Red Dirt & Pot Liquor

 Tracing Legacy & Memory of Black Women

RDPL is a storytelling archival project. RDPL will unpack themes associated with memory, and legacy. The artist will collect and archive audio stories from Black women elders from the Newark area. Together they will create a group quilt consisting of traditional quiltmaking materials, audio and video stories and songs, shadow box stories, and other immersive mediums. 

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“I still look good. I appreciate and enjoy my age. A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are."

nikki giovanni 

A Brief Look Into Red Dirt & Pot Liquor

Red Dirt & Pot Liquor that traces the memory and legacy of Black women lead by Founder by Dr. Antoinette Ellis-Williams, and Executive Produced by Khadiyah Thomas. 


Over the last few months the RDPL team has immersed ourselves into archiving some of Newark’s most fascinating artists work and the history of their families.  Check out this sneak peek of our film and some photos.

A Sneak Peek Red Dirt & Pot Liquor (Film)

Some of Our Photos from Interviews, Community Art Workshops and more!!!

Red Dirt & Pot Liquor Quilt 

The Quilt Creators

Row 1: Adrienne Wheeler, Linda West, Susan Pope, Brendelle Murphy  

Row 2: Michele Murchison, Linda Leonard Nevels, Charlotte Stafford, Alicia Robinson  

Row 3: Antoinette Ellis-Williams, Yvonne Onque, Carol Cleveland, Cathleen McCoy Bristol 

Row 4: Marjorie Gaddy, Margarat C. Lewis, Yvonne Hogan, Khalea Washington  

Row 5: Ameerah Shabazz, Margaret Graddy, Nettie Forne Thomas, Carol Cleveland  

Row 6: Dena Corbin, Bisa Washington, Lucinda Keith, Hanifa Barnes  

Our Partners


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